We Serve You by Serving Them

Service to Registered Agents

Service of process to CT Corp and other registered agents will be served the same day received. There is no extra charge for same day service to registered agents.

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Court Filing

For our out of state clients,we will handle the filing of your documents in Federal and State Court.

Normal Service

We will make an attempt within 3 days of receipt

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Rush Service

We will make an attempt within 24 hours of receiving document.

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Same Day Service

we will make an attempt same day documents are received.

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Confirmation of Service

We will testify in court as to the validity of the service and provide notarized affidavit of service at no extra charge if needed.

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Eviction Management

Evicting a tenant is a process which must strictly follow the law as set forth in the State of Alabama Landlord and Tenant Act. We will manage the process for you, and only charge for the steps you need to take.

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